Monday, April 24, 2006

Spicy Chicken

Well today I went to E-ON (Google Map) for a spicy chicken ($4.99 before tax). I usually wander over there to pick up lunch when I don't know what to eat and/or I don't have much money on me. Located on the SW corner of Chestnut Street and Dundas (west of Bay) this place is not noted for its decor unless the twinkle of Christmas lights in the window is your thing. For years now the large sign outside this basement establishment has announced that they have been in business for over 25 years. The dining area is a simple room with each table accompanied by chairs. Choice spots are along the north and east walls which afford a pleasant view of the sidewalk for those who enjoy straining their necks and looking up skirts. The bar behind the counter offers no less than six bottles of the finest forgettable spirits in an inviting display reminiscent of cabinets built over 25 years ago. The menu on the wall beside the display offers some 20 dishes ranging from the first item through to the twentieth. Today I went with number 15 - spicy chicken, prepared on the premise while I waited. It came with slices of green pepper and onions. This was served on top of a healthy portion of rice, most of which ended up in the garbage because there really was too much.

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